Widowerhood, Withouts, and Thankfulness

It’s the eve of Thanksgiving and I just put down a book, Intimate Relationships, which talks mostly about marriage. It’s one of those scholarly type books that one doesn’t just breeze through. The section I read tonight talked about the dissolution of marriage and loss. Interestingly, the topic of widows and widowers was mentioned, all … Continue reading Widowerhood, Withouts, and Thankfulness



(Note: The following was written by me for our Church newsletter in February 2009. This was long before I knew that I would be a widow. None the less, the marriage principles I wrote about are still true today.) Remember the excitement of a birthday during childhood? For me the anticipation almost equaled Christmas. I … Continue reading Anniversary

Relationship Intimacy

For many the word “intimacy” brings thoughts of THAT part of the marital relationship to mind. However, in a marriage relationship THAT is only part of the overall concept of intimacy. Sorry to disappoint—and lose about half of the readers—but intimacy is a principal element in all healthy relationships. In the simplest terms intimacy can … Continue reading Relationship Intimacy