I’ve Given up Trying To Be Happy

I recently learned that an older acquaintance (I’ll call him Jake) has moved into a nursing home because of advanced health problems. Although there were several options for such care in the local community, Jake was moved several miles away to a place in a neighboring town. It seems that the local nursing homes wouldn’t … Continue reading I’ve Given up Trying To Be Happy

Lessons Learned Loving Carrie into Heaven

Lessons Learned Loving Carrie into Heaven Sermon Audio Sermon January 26 & 27, 2013 Introduction: Good evening/morning. Some of you here today may not know me. Around the Cedar Street Church family I’m known as Pastor Jeff Johnson. I’m also known as dad to three young men, uncle to two of the cutest nieces, and … Continue reading Lessons Learned Loving Carrie into Heaven

Spiritual Battlefield Resiliency

I am battle wounded. It’s not the first time but it is the most serious wound to date. I was not wounded on some distant battlefield; my wounds occurred right here in my hometown. What war is being waged in Mid-Michigan? The war against sin, of course. My wound is serious, the death of a … Continue reading Spiritual Battlefield Resiliency

Spiritual Milestones for Youth

Several years ago the Supreme Court of Michigan made a monumental ruling declaring, in essence, that parents are responsible for the education of their children. Although the court case was primarily about the rights of parents to educate at home, the ruling gave notice to all parents to take responsibility for the process of how children are educated and what they are … Continue reading Spiritual Milestones for Youth