Absent Fathers

We seem to live in a society where fathers are optional and irrelevant. It is not uncommon for children born out of wedlock to be raised alone by a mother. Many women are choosing to start a family without any intent of having a relationship with the child’s father. Children born into a home where … Continue reading Absent Fathers

The Joy of Parenting: Dear Dad

Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day! On fifty-three occasions you have celebrated this day as a father. I wonder what your memories are of our very first one. For the record, my memory of that occasion is a little fuzzy. Over the years, my respect for you has grown, not because you are more worthy but … Continue reading The Joy of Parenting: Dear Dad

The Joy of Parenting: Mom

Recently there was a video making the rounds on the social networks of someone interviewing several applicants for a job. As the perspective employer described the long hours, the multi-tasking, the lack of peaceful bathroom breaks, and the absence of compensation, the applicants were heard to say phrases such as “you’re nuts!” and “is that … Continue reading The Joy of Parenting: Mom

Are You My Mother? : Childhood Grief

We sat as a family along with close friends near Carrie’s body the morning she died. We talked about her and told stories. I remember my youngest son bringing a building block model into the room then setting on the floor putting it together. Some might think that it was out of place to see … Continue reading Are You My Mother? : Childhood Grief

Yours, Mine, and Ours: The Blended Family

With this post I've added a new category to the blog: StepFamily. With my recent marriage, I’ve entered the world of step-parenting. Although my journey has barely begun, I’ve found it to be a wonderful yet scary place to live. Wonderful and scary may sound like some strange terms to use to describe my new … Continue reading Yours, Mine, and Ours: The Blended Family

Man’s Ultimate Conquest

The Pursuit Perhaps it was months or years before the wedding. That day when your eyes locked and the pursuit of her heart began. You can remember laying awake at night thinking about ways to impress her, ways to demonstrate your affection. Time and money were no issue. You were creative too. It worked! You … Continue reading Man’s Ultimate Conquest

I’ve Given up Trying To Be Happy

I recently learned that an older acquaintance (I’ll call him Jake) has moved into a nursing home because of advanced health problems. Although there were several options for such care in the local community, Jake was moved several miles away to a place in a neighboring town. It seems that the local nursing homes wouldn’t … Continue reading I’ve Given up Trying To Be Happy

Its a Short Life

I have to admit, reluctantly......very reluctantly, that at my age I probably have fewer years left to live than those that have already passed. That means I’m on the downward side of life. During my time on earth I have learned that life is precious, precarious, —and short. My understanding of this fact of life stands … Continue reading Its a Short Life

The Destroyer Visits

It’s been said that all bonds are built on trust. This statement is never truer than in a marriage. In a healthy relationship trust grows, develops, and deepens over time. Most couples understand that there are ups and downs during life. While these times surely test trust, it is a couple’s daily interactions which offer the … Continue reading The Destroyer Visits

A Good Run

The scene has been replayed in Hollywood so often it’s becoming a cliché. You’ll recognize it. There are two guys near the end of the movie, they’ve been struggling through tremendous odds and just when we think they are going to win, they are suddenly surrounded. With no hope for survival and in the most solemn … Continue reading A Good Run