Welcome to my practice! There are times in life when everyone needs a little more than what a conversation with a friend, a family member, or even a pastor can offer. That’s where my services as an experienced professional counselor come in and offer hope that the issues you are facing can be better than they are now.



I am twice a graduate of Liberty University studying Psychology and Professional Counseling. My counseling experience began in 1988 and includes working with a community based addictions center, working with developmentally disabled populations, Hospice grief and terminally ill patients, and individuals and couples with a wide range of issues in a church ministry setting.

Professional Memberships
American Association of Christian Counselors
Marriage & Family Network
Biblical Counseling & Spiritual Formation Network
Grief, Crisis, & Disaster Network


I was reared near Williamston, Michigan and enjoyed spending time at my grandparents’ farm north of Fowlerville. In the early 1980s I moved to Florida where I met my late wife. Parenting has always been an adventure and I have often suggested that the perfect spacing of children is every 6 to 12 years after unintentionally testing this theory with my own sons. An interesting side effect is that my youngest son is only four years older than my oldest grandson.

After my wife’s passing with cancer, I remarried and began a new journey of building a rewarding marriage relationship. This journey includes the fascinating and exciting new role of step-fathering.


Our story through Carrie’s terminal illness

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I really related to your blog post today. My first husband passed away when our son had just turned 7. I am remarried now but I still feel like I am both mom and dad.

    Thanks for clicking on over and follow my blog as well!

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