Today or Tomorrow?

It’s a quiet Saturday late afternoon at home. Other than the occasional traffic noise from the street or the clip-clop of footsteps up or down the stairs my home is serene. I sat for a few moments wondering if this is my new normal. The old normal, when Carrie was here, is gone….and with it, … Continue reading Today or Tomorrow?

Evaluating Life…again.

I spent some time evaluating life this weekend. Everyone should take stock every so often but I think it is vitally important when life seems to be in constant flux, constantly adapting. That is the way I feel the last three years have been. The reality is that everyone has to make adaptations throughout life … Continue reading Evaluating Life…again.

A Year Ago: Remembered

A year ago today, January 7, I was in a hospital room with Carrie as her body was steadily failing. The prognosis had gone from a fair chance of surgery which would heal her to maintenance of the spreading cancer to a few more months of life then, finally, to imminent death within a day or … Continue reading A Year Ago: Remembered

Widowered Fathering: Figuring Out Our New Traditions

Happy New Year! It’s 2013. Out with the old and in with the new… Wait! seriously? I’m pretty comfortable with some of the old, maybe even a lot of it. Besides, new makes me itch! Itch or not, there is no way around all the new in my life. It seems that it’s part and parcel … Continue reading Widowered Fathering: Figuring Out Our New Traditions

The Ambiguity of Life

It is late Sunday evening as I begin this post. I am relaxing on my reclining leather coach. It is quiet. No television. No music. The only noise is the clicking from my wireless keyboard and the hum of the refrigerator from the kitchen. I’m staring at the walls that I painted a few weeks … Continue reading The Ambiguity of Life

Widowerhood, Withouts, and Thankfulness

It’s the eve of Thanksgiving and I just put down a book, Intimate Relationships, which talks mostly about marriage. It’s one of those scholarly type books that one doesn’t just breeze through. The section I read tonight talked about the dissolution of marriage and loss. Interestingly, the topic of widows and widowers was mentioned, all … Continue reading Widowerhood, Withouts, and Thankfulness