The Joy of Parenting: Mom

Recently there was a video making the rounds on the social networks of someone interviewing several applicants for a job. As the perspective employer described the long hours, the multi-tasking, the lack of peaceful bathroom breaks, and the absence of compensation, the applicants were heard to say phrases such as “you’re nuts!” and “is that legal?” The big reveal, as you’ve surmised, is the interviewer disclosing that he’s describing motherhood. The responses to the revealed job title were priceless! Smiles, relaxed posture, sighs, and “yes, I love my mom”.

mom praying
Moms have a warm spot in their hearts for their children. The warmth comes from the joys of motherhood. Although I’m not a mom, I do have some experience of being around some; allow me to share some of my observations about the joys.

The joys in motherhood begin early. Starting with the first flutter in the womb, that moment when mom realizes there is a little one somersaulting inside her. The outward glow of joy is unmistakable. Later, there is joy when the little bundle is laid on mom’s chest for the first time, her eyes memorizing the delicate features, and the emotional bond of love is set for a lifetime. All the early milestones bring joy: rolling over, sitting up, standing, walking, and first words. As the child grows, new joys come as the relationship become more interactive. With the big eyes looking up and the little voice that says, “Mom, I love you,” the heart is warmed for a week or more. Early childhood is not the only time joy is present. The budding personality, developing intellectualism, and various accomplishments in and out of school bring joy. Joy is not limited to the formative years, it continues throughout the child’s adulthood.

The Bible records Mary, the mother of Jesus, treasuring in her heart the joys of Jesus’ life (Luke 2); likewise, moms today treasure the joys of motherhood. One of the biggest joys is when children express gratitude as they recognize and appreciate mom’s countless sacrifices, long hours, and unwavering devotion. However, for the godly mother, the greatest joy is finding her children faithful as they follow Jesus. It is to this end moms strive with the greatest self-sacrifices, motivated not by the love for her children but by the love for her savior, to pour her faith into her children.

The joys of motherhood are many and moms report that they far out weigh the sacrifices. It is my prayer that moms will experience the greatest joy of pouring their faith (1 Timothy 1:5) into their children and seeing the joy of their labors.

Happy mother’s Day!

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