21 Statements a Successful Marriage Makes…

Marriage says, “Dear love of my life, … Marriage says.... I love you

… I want to experience life with you until death parts us.”

… I do not know what the future holds but whatever comes my way and whatever comes your way, we will face it together.”

… I want to make the most of this relationship.”

… I’m in this for you, not for me.”

… I want this relationship to be a safe haven for our life.”

… I am willing to be intentional about our relationship. ”

… you are my priority.”

… you are my favorite person–by choice!”

… my number one commitment is you.”

… I give my life to you, even death if necessary.”

… my prayer is that this relationship will be the fertile ground you need to be the best you can be.”

… it will never be about you or me; it will always about us.”

… my loyalty belongs to you.”

… to gain the most reward in this relationship, I will live sacrificially toward you.”

… I will accept the ups and downs as part experiencing life together.”

… our relationship is a source of joy for life.”

… I will assume the best of intentions, even when I feel hurt.”

… our lives are forever joined, our earthly future is tied together.

… I win when the relationship wins.”

… our relationship is exclusive and lifelong.”

… my greatest success in life will be realized if, at death’s door, I can look you in the eye and say that I have been faithful and loved you with all my heart.”

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