I have been following this young lady’s blog. She is battling the same cancer as Carrie’s (my late wife). Like Carrie, this woman did not have any of the typcial risk factors. She just ended up with the cancer. Reading her blog has been inspiring. -Jeff

Cancer Kickin' Girl

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPINGGGG!!!! Got my SHOP on!!! 🙂   I LOVE me some Pentagon city! I love shopping.  My first words as a baby were “mall” and “shop” for heavens sake so don’t blame me!! 🙂   I didn’t need any off brand laptops or cheap tvs, but the little misc stuff I did need I got good deals on and spent 17 hours…. 5:00AM until 10:30PM… haha!  Nice day spent with my love 🙂  and good exercise!! Although I am not suppose to be exercising?  hmm… well my dr.’s don’t read this… as far as I know! ha!

I received a call today from someone who hasn’t seen my since May and wanted a follow-up and I was catching her up but forgot how she remembered me.  She had recalled how skinny and weak I was last she saw me and had my j-tube in my stomach and just…

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