The begining….

The idea of blogging began as a necessity when my late wife was ill with pancreatic cancer. During the first operation I received so many texts and emails and phone calls offering encouragement and asking for updates that setting up a blogging site was the only efficient way to communicate about our life. As we journeyed through her illness the blogging became much more than just an update; it became a place where thoughts and feelings could be expressed. And lessons God was teaching. And how a husband expresses love and devotion toward his wife through a terminal illness.

During this blogging experience it became apparent that much of what I wrote about was really about relationships. This was certainly spurred on by my training as a counselor. As time has progressed it became clear that another outlet other than the CaringBridge blog would be more appropriate. So here I am. Thinking about relationships…expecially marriage. Well see where it goes from here.

And for those that are interested the CaringBridge blog may be accessed at:


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